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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Great Backyard Bird Count

I recently read about The Great Backyard Bird Count (the day after it ended of course) and thought what a fun idea this would be for kids to participate in.  While it's too late to take part in the official count this year, it doesn't mean you can't do your own count for fun (and shhhh.... educational purposes).   Head to the website and grab a regional checklist to get a list of birds common to your area.  Do it in your backyard in the winter and then again in the summer to see how your list differs with migrating species.  Take a list with you camping and see what types of birds are at the campground you're staying at.  You can even print out lists created specifically for National Parks and Lands.

The website itself also has a lot of great information on how to properly ID birds, including a comprehensive bird guide with pictures, sounds, maps and more.  It's a great way to get up to speed now, so that when you do head out to the campgrounds with binoculars in hand, you know your birds as you see them.  Happy Birding!

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