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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Getting out locally

Not every weekend can be dedicated to camping, but that doesn't mean you can't get out and experience nature in your local area on a regular basis.  In a time of never ending tv, video games, cell phones and the like, it's important to set aside time for kids to get outside and explore their surroundings away from all the noise of modern technology.  There are so many great areas for getting out of the house and exploring, and chances are, there are many places in your own town that you don't even know of yet.  Make it a challenge to find one new place that you've never been before.  Ask friends and  neighbors where they enjoy spending their outdoor time.  Check around for local outdoor clubs, look in the local paper for outdoor activities or check out your local library for nature books relative to your city or state.  I know that after searching online for outdoor venues in Charlotte, I stumbled upon several clubs and outings that I hadn't even known existed until I took the time to research them. 

Our family's favorite local outdoor activity is to visit our local greenways and explore the outdoors while we walk.  For my boys, every visit is a new hike.  My oldest enjoys treasure hunting while we go. He's found intact beetles shells, bird feathers, frogs, and more.  My husband and I enjoy the feeling of being outside and the sense of renewal it gives us.  Nothing lifts the spirits more than a walk in nature. 

The entrance to McMullen Creek Greenway in Charlotte

So the next time you're sitting around on a Sunday afternoon with your kids begging to play the wii yet again and wondering what to do with your time, get out and enjoy the day.  Even if it's just a walk through your neighborhood.  You'll be amazed at how much better you feel and at the same time, you'll be teaching your children more about the world around them and how to have fun in the outdoors without the use of an ipod, cell phone or game boy.

Some local outdoor opportunities in Charlotte include:

Charlotte Greenways
The Charlotte Outdoor Parents Meetup Group
Charlotte Park System
Charlotte Nature Preserves

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